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Is something Impossible? We are Intrigued!

White canvas, we Love it!

It’s challenging? Perfect!

Comfortable outside your comfort zone? Let’s start!

Nothing is more boring than doing the same thing again and again. This is why we’re innovating and feeling comfortable outside our comfort zone.

We believe that lifting value in data is highly crucial.. From concept to execution, our teams design and implement holistic solutions for tomorrow by transforming data from vague ideas to solutions that deliver measurable impact.

We do this by combining the latest technology with our established frameworks for accelerating development, proof-of-value, and cost-efficient operations. Our domain structure defines our core areas of expertise — each of which is essential to fostering data-driven decision-making for our customers’ businesses.

Data Platforms & Solutions

Data is becoming the world’s new natural resource for creating business value and competitive advantage. We help our customers build scalable data platforms that provide a stable foundation for modern data products. These are tailored to their decision-making processes and start new revenue-generating value streams.

Intelligent Automation

Manual processes are time killers and are the sewing ground for errors and further complexity. We provide a methodical approach with the latest automation technologies that fits to our customers strategy. Processes will be carried out faster, error-free and significantly cheaper. By connecting automation with data you can generate new business insights and revenue.

Digital Enablement & Transformation

Any groundbreaking change in technology requires a transformation. We align strategy, business and technology equally into our approach. All people involved are empowered to ensure a long-term anchoring in your organisation. We take people on a transformation journey and make progress measurable and tangible for everyone.

At KI performance we thrive on the frontlines of innovation. No project takes place without considering the business value, which is why our team is made of passionate, hungry, and bold individuals who act as enablers between IT (tech) and business.