We unlock the era of sustainable air travel.

Our vision

We will realise emission-free aviation to change the way people travel, bringing hydrogen fuel cell technology to the next Megawatt level. In the coming years, we will deliver to market the first qualified, fully hydrogen-electric aircraft powertrain (which includes the hydrogen storage as well as the fuel cell system) and support both aircraft manufacturers and operators in adapting to the new world of aviation.

We aim for applications like electric air taxis, which can fly over ranges over 500 km, via a business aircraft with 9-14 seats up to inter-regional 40 seater airplanes with a range of 2,000 km. They all will have an emission-free, certified and safe powertrain provided by H2FLY.

Our journey


Hydrogen-electric flight world record

On April 13th
the HY4, set what is believed to be a new world record for hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft, flying at an altitude of 7,230 feet and confirming the company’s position as one of the leading companies in this new sector.

First cross country HY4 flight

The HY4 flew a 77-mile (124 km) journey between Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen on April 12th, marking the first time a hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft has been piloted between two major airports. This took place during our daily operations flight test campaign, which was aimed at implementing a hydrogen-electric aircraft in the environment of an international airport.

BMWK Funding

At the beginning of 2022 the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) awarded H2FLY with funding for “Project 328H2-FC”. The €30 million funding will support H2FLY in the relisation of the first -megawatt hydrogen fuel cell system for aviation.

H2FLY company growth

Our crew has grown to over 60, which is expected to grow up to 75 by the end of 2022.  The growing team moved to a new development center in Stuttgart with 6200m² of space to grow and realize their vision.


Partnership with Deutsche Aircraft

Our partnership with Deutsche Aircraft to develop a hydrogen-powered Dornier 328 – a 40-seat aircraft capable of covering up to 2000 km, and which is expected to launch by 2025.

Onboarding of strategic investor

H2FLY secured large funding volumes, both through the onboarding of a strategic investor and a wide range of government-backed research grants.


Demo flights with redundant architecture

The sixth generation of H2FLY’s powertrain was tested in-flight. The long-endurance flights highly redundant powertrain architecture prepares us for the type certification processes.


HY4 in-flight

The HY4 celebrated its maiden flight, which consisted of a test campaign comprised of over 32 flights over 4 days. It proved the scalability of H2FLYs’ fuel cell powertrain and demonstrated the fast-refueling capability of the hydrogen propulsion system.


Founding H2FLY

Josef Kallo and his team focused their research to found H2FLY, following their work at the University of Ulm alongside the DLR.