Geurts Heat Exchangers focuses on optimising energy recovery within your production process, reducing operational costs and minimising energy consumption, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Our expertise lies in the design, construction and supply of heat exchangers and heat recovery products.

As a leading engineering and manufacturing company specializing in customized heat exchanging equipment and heat transfer solutions for power generation and transmission, we serve various industries, facilitating energy regeneration and heat transfer across different mediums and fuels.

Operating globally, we provide custom-made thermal engineering solutions tailored to a wide range of applications, from straightforward installations to intricate systems designed for high temperatures, pressures, and aggressive environments.

Waste heat recovery products play a crucial role in our offerings, allowing for the regeneration of waste heat and the transformation of energy from various production processes into renewable sources. Our experienced engineers specialize in crafting customized solutions, adept at handling high-pressure equipment (PED), managing extremely high fluid temperatures (liquids and gases), and addressing the complexities of hazardous substances with specialized requirements.

From our in-house manufacturing facility, we offer a holistic solution, encompassing heat transfer calculations, engineering designs, production and service, ensuring a single point of contact for your comprehensive solution.

Geurts Heatexchangers B.V. was founded in 1963, and since that year we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in heat exchanging equipment and heat transfer solutions. In 2015, Geurts became part of Heilig Group. This extension offers our customers financial stability and broad access to the group-wide knowledge leading to further innovations.