Amazon is a company of builders. A philosophy of ownership carries through everything we do, from the proprietary technologies we create to the new businesses we launch and grow. You’ll find it in every team across our company.

Every day across the world we develop the ideas, services and products that make life easier for millions of customers. From providing Earth’s biggest selection of products to developing ground-breaking software and devices that change entire industries, Amazon is a place of invention and progressive thinking.

Amazon is continually evolving and is a place where motivated employees thrive and employee ownership and accountability lead to meaningful results. But we never forget our highest priorities:

  1. Safety. Our greatest priority. Safety is at the core of everything we do, and we will not sacrifice it. We handle large and bulky items that require us to take additional safety precautions. We are committed to physical and psychological safety, and we work tirelessly to improve our standards and raise the bar for the company as a whole.
  2. Customer experience. We strive for excellence. Everything is bigger at AMXL, from the size of the items we deliver to the investment our customers make. Our customers expect more from us, and we are relentless in our efforts to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is why we lead the company in customer service excellence and move quickly to prove to our customers that we are their number one choice.
  3. Together. We’re better. We are a collaborative team, a community that trusts, supports, and encourages one another so we can all develop and grow. We embrace our differences and foster a culture that is diverse, inclusive, equitable, accessible, and honest.
  4. End-to-end. We own the experience. As owners of the end-to-end customer service experience, we are unique within Amazon. We are agile, resourceful, and innovative, which allows us to grow faster, scale quickly and provide more opportunities for our customers.

Amazon Heidenheim GmbH is an AMXL! AMXL is a single-threaded organization that owns the end to end supply chain and customer experience for Heavy or Bulky (HB) or Large Parcel with length greater than 59 inch (LP59) products. AMXL consolidates supply chain planning, strategy, tech, business intelligence, and operations. AMXL’s operations portfolio includes Inbound Cross Dock (IXD), Extra Large Fulfillment Center (XLFC), Extra Large Sort Center (XLSC), Extra Large Delivery Station (XLDS), and Over The Road (OTR) last mile delivery to our customers. In addition to standard last mile package delivery, AMXL also offers special handling services for select items including Scheduled Delivery to Porch, Inside Entryway (IE), and Room of Choice (RoC), as well as Deluxe Delivery and Unpack (DDU), Haul-Away, Light Assembly, Installation/Assembly, and Unified Delivery Services (UDS) where installation is performed at the same time as the delivery. ASIN selection includes products greater than or equal to 50 lbs or length+girth greater than or equal to 130 inches or length greater than 59 inches or width greater than 33 inches or height greater than 33 inches or TVs with length greater than or equal to 40 inches or products that require special delivery.