Aiko (stock code:600732) is a world-leading solar PV company, mainly focuses on solar cells, ABC (All Back Contact) modules, PV-Storage-Charging-Load integrated solutions. The company is an enabler for zero-carbon era, oriented by“pioneering a zero-carbon society through impactful contributions”.

Founded in 2009, by 2022, Aiko has a total global cell shipment of 80GW+, sales revenue of $5.1B in 2022, 23%+ R&D personnel among 10,000+ global employees. The company has branches and entities in China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, the UK etc., providing customers with fast technical support and services locally.

Aiko is the first company to invent tubular PERC technology(2016), to develop 210mm cell(2019), to invent ABC cell(2021),to promote ABC module (2022) with 23.6% mass production efficiency(2023), winning Red Dot award(2023). ABC modules have 5 technical innovations: all-area light absorption and all-silicone power generation, all-back electrode technology, all-back contact passivated technology, silver-free metal coating and end-to-end technology covering entire industry chain.

We continue to pursue extreme technologies, the 100% transfer of PV energy, to push ABC technology to the theoretical limit of crystalline-silicone cell by 29.4%, to redefine PV technology and industrial development and to restructure photoelectric efficiency and quality aesthetics.